no skincare for one month.

I’ve struggled with mild acne since I was around 12 years old. I’m now 15 and over the past 3 years my skin just decided to get worse. I never experienced cystic acne but more bumps focusing on my forehead and sides of my cheeks. I did get a few red spots but nothing concealer couldn’t cover up.

I started using skincare products ranging from cleansers, exfoliators, masks, oils, toners, moisturizers and a few other bits here and there. Nothing made the condition of my skin any better no matter how many times I switched up the products I was using. I started drinking minimum 1 litre of water everyday and this did make my skin look healthier but it didn’t clear my spots.

I had been to the doctors a few times in these years about my spots and each time the cream they have given me has caused my skin to react. I went about one month ago and she told me the no.1 thing you don’t do when you have acne is use skincare. That to me was confusing because everyone is told that in order to have good skin you must use skincare. She gave me 3 makeup brands that she said were ok to use for acne prone skin, they were MAC, bareMinerals and one I can’t remember but I’d never heard of it.


So I stopped using skincare. Honestly it didn’t make any difference to my skin but it didn’t get worse. When I went back to the doctors she gave me one of the creams I had tried before. Again I reacted to it but because it reacted with my skin so badly, now my skin is calming down but most of my spots have gone. It’s like the creams burnt them off or something and now that the inflammation is going down, no spots are reappearing. I don’t understand it, but now I’m trying to keep my skin in the condition it’s in, and the question is, do I use skincare again?



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