I went to London Modest Fashion Week, and it was pretty good!

It was my birthday on the 16th and with fashion week on the 18th and 19th I begged my Mum to take me and my friend for the weekend. After a lot of persuasion she said yes ;). We bought tickets for Sunday (Day 2) only, at £60 each. We went down on the Saturday and got to London at around 3. If you’re looking for somewhere to eat when you arrive, LEON does the best halloumi wrap and Pepe Itallian Street Food (Covent Garden) does the best thin pizza slices.

After we booked the tickets Dina (Tokio) announced she would be doing a ‘meet n greet’ with Ascia (AKF), so on the Sunday morning we went to the meeting place. I’d never met


Dina or Ascia before and I’d never even been to a ‘meet n greet’, so I genuinely had no idea what to expect. It ended up being a bunch of girls swarming around them both asking for shoutouts and pictures – however, of course it was still worth it . When I saw them it just hit me that I was going to meet them, and I don’t know if I was shivering because it was freezing shaking slightly because i was so nervous lol.  We got a picture with Ascia first and she complemented out outfits which honestly just made my day. She was so approachable and easy to talk to and came across as  down to earth. She was genuinely so nice and we loved meeting her.


Dina was harder to get to because of the amount of people surrounding her, and we were waiting for nearly 2 hours before we got a picture. But again it was worth it because seeing her in real life and talking to her just makes you appreciate her even more. Like Ascia, she looked gorgeous and told us the best things to do at fashion week. I was honestly so grateful to meet them because they were both really cool people.

Ok now here’s the part about fashion week. I’m not going to lie I enjoyed it, however, I may have got my hopes up too high. The ticket included access to the lounge and access to the photobooth, and when we got there the lounge turned out to be a room with sofas in and paintings on the wall, and the photobooth was a backdrop you needed to use your phone to take a picture with. The fashion show itself though was very well put together. The looks were beautiful and the choice of music was good. We managed to sit on the second row and the view was decent. Downstairs there were stalls varied from clothes, henna, scarves, jewellery, watches and makeup, The founder of Zukreat gave a talk about setting up your own business, it was informative and she gave her advice from experience. The only other complaint I would have is about the food. There was none lol. No water, no snacks, no meals and the day started at 2 and finished at 7. If you wanted food you had to go out of the venue and but some off the high street, and with a timetable like the one they had it would mean missing either a fashion show, the interviews and talks or the little free time you had t shop. It wasn’t a major problem it would have just been nice if that option was there.

In my opinion the social aspect of London Modest Fashion Week was really great, you could talk to your favourite bloggers if you saw them and asking questions in the interviews was easy. It looked good, there was a variety of stalls, it was easily accessible and the general atmosphere was really nice. I just feel food should have been included within the venue and more effort should have been out into things such as the lounge that were included in the ticket. It was fun to go to and the experience is something I’ll never forget and yes I think I would like to go again next year, after all this was the first one and nobody new what to expect.

An outfit post of what I wore will be on my next post.