I want to model so bad. And yes, I wear the hijab.

How refreshing would it be to have a hijabi supermodel? My point of becoming a well known fashion model wearing the headscarf wouldn’t be to become a role model for just Muslims but for non Muslims too. Why should there have to be a division of the two? You see models and celebrities now that have a huge following of young girls from all different cultures, religions and ethnicity’s. So why when it come to public figures in a headscarf do they have a very high percentage of only Muslim girls following them? Me being a 14 year old girl, I don’t like the border that seems to be wedged in between. Yes, I would use the headscarf as the thing that makes me stand out from the rest in the modelling industry, I would use it to prove a point but I wouldn’t use it as something that makes me ‘different’ to everyone else. Just because girls and women who wear the hijab might have different morals and guidelines from girls and women who don’t, it doesn’t mean we should be separated into groups pf ‘hijabis’ and ‘non hijabis’ or ‘Muslims’ and ‘non Muslims’. We are all the same people so why would anyone create this imaginary line in between the two things is something I question and would want to change.

You might ask, ‘why modelling?’, and my answer is modelling because a lot of the time pictures and photographs have a stronger impact and are more likely to be remembered than words. I like photography and I love the fact that images can make you feel a range of emotions all at once and that they have the ability to freeze a moment in time (bet you haven’t heard that one before). But in all seriousness in no way do I want to do it because I am vain, selfish or just want to be famous but purely because with apps like Instagram and Snapchat pictures are the one thing everybody is surrounded with. Messages that are said through images can be the most powerful and I find that so damn cool :)))).

And yes I know modelling definitely isn’t a world full of money, fame and a glamorous life and I know it isn’t easy. I know it’s like winning the genetic lottery but I’m determined to follow my dreams…and hopefully my Dad will come around ;).