accessories you need in 2018.

People often overlook accessories and just think the pieces of clothing themsleves are what makes an outfit work. In reality that's just not what happens, a cake is nothing without the cherry on top and an outfit is nothing without the addition of accessories. Just imagine two girls wearing the most basic outfit you can think… Continue reading accessories you need in 2018.


the three ss18 trends i’m loving.

Okay, so I'm going to be honest , I have no clue how to endlessly scroll through pictures of the 50 different looks from the hundreds of different shows from the four major fashion capitals, without it taking a lifetime. So I sat back and let magazines and blogs such as Vogue and Man Repeller… Continue reading the three ss18 trends i’m loving.

october wardrobe.

So you may or may not believe me since I'm an aspiring fashion blogger, but I don't shop often. Shopping usually stresses me out because I put too much pressure on myself to buy the 'right' thing rather than the thing I would probably want for myself. As I'm wading through racks of clothes I… Continue reading october wardrobe.

the power of red.

Today I purchased my very first red coat. I say 'very first' because I don't think my obsession of recent months will be going away anytime soon. I decided there would be  no more dipping my toe into the water with accents of red here and there but to take the plunge to try and… Continue reading the power of red.

no skincare for one month.

I've struggled with mild acne since I was around 12 years old. I'm now 15 and over the past 3 years my skin just decided to get worse. I never experienced cystic acne but more bumps focusing on my forehead and sides of my cheeks. I did get a few red spots but nothing concealer… Continue reading no skincare for one month.