no skincare for one month.

I've struggled with mild acne since I was around 12 years old. I'm now 15 and over the past 3 years my skin just decided to get worse. I never experienced cystic acne but more bumps focusing on my forehead and sides of my cheeks. I did get a few red spots but nothing concealer… Continue reading no skincare for one month.


march moodboard.

I was looking for inspiration and for different ways I could style different pieces of clothing, so I just decided to create a moodboard. The trends I bloody love from my moodboard are leopard print, the colour combination of pink and red and the pop of a bold colour. I can't wait to create looks… Continue reading march moodboard.


I want to model so bad. And yes, I wear the hijab. How refreshing would it be to have a hijabi supermodel? My point of becoming a well known fashion model wearing the headscarf wouldn't be to become a role model for just Muslims but for non Muslims too. Why should there have to be… Continue reading modelling.